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If you’re someone who needs to implement personal eating restrictions due to allergies, illness or dietary limitations due to health reasons, you probably understand what a hassle eating out can be. Finding restaurants and food businesses that cater to you specific dietary requirements or restrictions is never easy and can be extremely time consuming.

The Eatwise app allows users to search for food sources that are diet-friendly and cater to any personal specific health related food needs. As a result, those with dietary concerns can enjoy more flexibility with regard to eating out with less stress!

Eatwise Features forUser

  • Extensive Food Source Network
  • Access to Reviews
  • Safe Food Source Searches
  • Search Filters Based on Dietary Requirements

Create Your Dietary Profile

The Eatwise app allows users to create a detailed dietary profile based on personal requirements and limitations. Users may flag food types that they are allergic or averse to and state other specific dietary preferences on which in-app food searches are then based. The app then uses the details you have specified to search for restaurants and places near you that are perfectly suited to your needs. Safe eating could not be simpler.

Extensive Database

The Eatwise app database contains numerous restaurants, food businesses and other food sources that cater to specific dietary requirements and restrictions. The app also gives users access to reviews and ratings so they can decide which food sources are best for them. Users may even find safe food sources when on the go or traveling to places that are unfamiliar.

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