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At Retrocube LLC, you get to experience the most innovative app development experience. We revolutionize brands and buckle them up most intuitive IoT apps. With seamless navigation, and each feature designed to provide added connectivity, we help you keep all of your devices joined together with a secured network.

Providing small-to-medium-size enterprises with cutting-edge technological solutions, we breed excellence at all levels. From interactive app designs to immersive functionality, we bring ease and innovate like nobody else in the entire industry.

At affordable pricing, we get an end-to-end internet of thing app, which can execute the finest operations and streamline businesses with flawless connectivity. We breed a progressive ecosystem of smart and advanced devices though our uninterrupted and encrypted app's framework.

Internet of Things


$11T Worth

As per the stats, devices connected through smart IoT solutions generate around $11 trillion by the year 2025.

91% Potential

Over 91% of tech-savvy suggests that IoT has the capability to transform a business potential.

30B Devices

As per the reports, by the year 2020, IoT is said to form a connection with over 30 billion devices.

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IoT & Its Capabilities

The foremost purpose of incorporating IoT in business is to bridge the gap that exists between the physical and digital world. It forms a path of connectivity and brings all your resources closer, making them easy to access.

Hardware Integration

We have the expertise to drive the full capabilities out of IoT. Using SDKs, the apps can gather information and transfer it to different devices. We allow protected and guarded data transmission along with certified frameworks that ensure added security. You get the safest solution to manage your business.

Big Data Management

Our IoT apps with the cognitive capabilities skillfully perform Big Data management. With their computation intelligence and an unmatched level of efficiency in terms of functionality, we promise to help enterprises with flawless and progressive data management. In a secure environment, you get to process the most crucial decision-making and generate exceptional outcomes.

Real-time Analytics & Reporting

When running a business, the most important facility that you would want is to keep a real-time check, and that's why we build apps that cater to such services. Our IoT apps are designed in a way that they make real-time tracking, reporting, and monitoring seamlessly convenient. In short, you get to access the information the right away.

Custom Workflow & Actions

You can add or omit whatever feature you want in the app. At Retrocube LLC, we facilitate companies with efficient services to customize their apps, increasing their progress and business performance at double the pace. Now you can get an app to manage your business the way you want.

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Highest Satisfaction

We value your sentiments and respect your opinions. At Retrocube LLC, you get the opportunity to share your ideas and let us know what kind of product or service you want. From providing fully customized solutions to round the clock customer support, we are here for you at every step of the way.

Anti Scam

The Anti Scam App is a mobile application where users will be able to report on various phone, email, and other ongoing scams.

Quick Add

Quick Add provide users to search for people on social media at the same time from one single platform.


The application will be a platform where people to write their stories and share it amongst their friends and family and to other people.

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