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The music industry and success within it is all about your audience reach. As music enthusiasts, many of us feel under represented as it often seems that popular music is not really determined according to what’s really good. No more! The Key II Music app allows users to locate and support musicians, artists and bands of their choice.

The user-friendly app interface makes it easy to look for musicians located near you, track their progress, offer support in a number of ways. In other words, users help influence what is classed as popular music like never before.

Key II Music Features for User

  • Find Performers You Love
  • Provide Online Support
  • Track Your Performer’s Growth
  • Find Upcoming Shows

Love through Support

The music industry today is a tough place to make it and sometimes, our favorite performers do get left behind. The Key II Music app allows users to show support for their favorite musicians and performers by making direct online donations, offering public ratings, posting reviews and helping promote performers. The app also offers a platform for fans to locate upcoming gigs, shows and more. If you love music and have performers you want to back, the Key II Music app is the best way to go.

The Applause Meter

One of the most enjoyable features of the Key II Music app is the applause meter. This feature allows users to rate the performers by applause. The amount of applause received is then calculated and publically posted giving other users a better sense of what the performer in question is all about.

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