About Kal Gal

A viable business decision depends on the back-end work you do. This includes accessing relevant data and information, analyzing the same and creating strategies that are beneficial. The Kal Gal app lets you do all that and more. Designed especially for retailers, the Kal Gal app caters to the ever changing markets of today helping users stay on top of changes in supply, demand and pricing.

With access to updated market information and relevant analytical tools, Kal Gal users are able to make better calculations based on which strategies for success can be built. With an easy to use interface, Kal Gal helps users stay on top of business.

Kal Gal Features For User

  • Item Itineraries
  • Analytical Formulas
  • Library Management
  • Data Analytics

Item Library

The item library or library management tool in the Kal Gal app is one of the most useful features. The tool allows retailers to create logs of various items they supply and record relevant details such as cost price, sale price, profit margins and more. Items may be added, updated and removed from app storage with or without an internet connection making use on the go in low access areas possible. Through this feature, retailers can keep a track on their businesses and goods with ease.

Data Analytics

The app contains the algorithms for a number of financial analytical formulas to help retailers determine profitability and other particulars. A relevant formula can be selected from the list of those available and applied to data entered by the user resulting in advanced analytics that can help with better and smarter business decision making.

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